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Conseal V

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The Conseal V kit is a nice easy to use compact unit for the wax / concentrates 420...



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The Conseal V kit is a nice easy to use compact unit for the wax / concentrates 420 lovers. Constructed for thick oil and wax concentrates this unit delivers a nice smooth hit without being overpowering. The atomizer features a high airflow design and a 650 mah Internal battery with a wattage maximum of 8 Watts. Charged via the micro USB port located on the side of the device. Perfect for on-the-go and very discrete.  The Conseal PE VV, also known as the EHIT PE VV, is an improved version of the original PE device, now equipped with an adjustable output, preheating mode and more.

This edition to the Conseal Series now features adjustable voltage output in the same small and compact body that is perfect for discreet use on the go.
After powering on the device, quickly press the power button 3 times to switch through the three preset output options. Each time you change the voltage level the LED light indicator will follow with a different color to indicate each level. (White 3.2V, Green, 3.7V, Red 4.2V). Having these different settings makes the Conseal much more versatile, depending on the type of material you are heating you may require different levels at different times, with this edition you are able to do just that.

The Conseal VV utilizes the same convenient 510 threaded magnetic connection system as it's predecessor that makes replacing your attachments a quick and simple process. A small magnetic adapter threads on to the base of your oil attachment and then you simply drop the entire cartridge into the Conseal's housing where the magnets will do the rest of the work from there. When one attachment is empty, simply pull it out, drop in a new one and you're back up and running in seconds.

It is powered by a long-lasting 13450 lithium-ion battery that will deliver days of use before eventually needing a recharge. When time comes, connect to the included USB charging cable and the innovative passthough feature will allow you to continue heating your oils while you recharge. It is highly recommended that you allow your new EHIT PE VV to fully charge prior to it's first use in order to condition the battery for an overall longer lifespan.

The improvements do not end there, Seego also incorporates an innovative attachment window that offers a view into your oil heating attachments. They have also implemented a cutting-edge preheating mode that will help you to get the absolute most out of your material. Press the power button 2 times within 1.5 seconds and you will see the LED light shine purple to indicate the preheat mode has been activated. This will heat your attachment with a low 2.0V output for up to 10 seconds, resulting in a change in your materials consistency to prepare it for further heating.

Features & Specs

  • Advanced Battery for Thin Oils
  • Dimensions: ~2.5" (H) x 0.5" (W)
  • Colored LED Light Indicator
  • Adjustable Voltage Output Settings: 3 Preset Levels
  • White: 3.2V, Green 3.7V, Red 4.2V
  • Preheating Mode: Double Press Button (Purple light)
  • 10 Second Cycles Prevent Overheating
  • Premium 13450 Lithium-ion Battery with Massive 650 Capacity
  • Ultra Convenient USB Charging Method
  • Passthrough Charging Allows You to Continue Using While You Recharge
  • Black Flat Tip 0.8mL Oil Attachment Included (with adapter)
  • 510 Thread Compatible: Use Your Own Attachments
  • 1 x EHIT PE VV Battery (Conseal PE VV)
  • 1 x Black Flat Tip 0.8mL Oil Attachment
  • 1 x 510 Thread Magnetic Adapter
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Information Card (Under foam)

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