Fresh Farms Salt 30mL

Fresh Farms Salt 30mL

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Morning Melon SaltLooking to have a melontastic day? Of course, you are. Now, you can enjoy the taste...

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Morning Melon Salt
Looking to have a melontastic day? Of course, you are. Now, you can enjoy the taste of farm-fresh melons while getting that satisfying punch of nicotine salts. How? By vaping Morning Melon Salt – Fresh Farms Eliquid 30ml. This a is a luscious trio of crisp cantaloupe, juicy watermelons and smooth honeydew that’ll have you feeling as refreshed as can be whenever you take a draw.

Sour Chew Grape and Apple Salt
Sometimes in life, it’s the SOUR things that can make it all worthwhile. When it comes to enjoying your favorite fruits, that statement can still hold true. But what about if you’re a vaper? Well, a bit of sourness can be a good thing, if it makes the mouth simply water and the palate feel great. Luckily for you, there’s a salt-based e-liquid that truly delivers. Sour Grape and Apple Nic Salt by Fresh Farms 30ml combines two well-known and desirable fruits that will surely have you feeling instantly refreshed.

Barnyard Berry Salt
If you crave juicy blueberries as much as you desire a strong hit of nicotine, get ready to visit a vaping farm. Now, there may not be any animals on this barn, but there are plenty of berries. How do you get there you might ask? Simply by vaping Barnyard Berry SALT – Fresh Farms Eliquid 30ml of course. Its luscious juiciness will have you swearing that you’re indulging in a bowl of freshly picked blueberries that are enhanced with a generous sprinkle of sweet sugar.

Strawberry Farm Cake Salt
Are you craving a freshly baked dessert? Do you also want to ease your nicotine cravings? Well, you’re in luck for both things! Strawberry Farm Cake SALT – Fresh Farms 30ml gives you an exquisite, freshly prepared strawberry shortcake. This decadent treat hits the spot without any of those nasty calories. You’ll be comforted by its homemade taste with each puff.

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